UV light curing of hose liners even in the case of extremely long pipe supports

The revolutionary technology with up to 1,000 m cable length.

The patent-protected nUVision technology with up to 1,000 m cable length allows complete control of the curing process based on a BUS control with up to 54 temperature values, intensity monitoring of the UV lamps (2-18 lamps configurable by modular design) and 2 HD video signal recordings. Each module has its own sensor technology.

The benefits at a glance

  • Revolutionary ignition technology
  • Cable length extension up to 1,000 meters possible
  • Simultaneous video recordings of front and back eye camera images in high quality HD
  • No temperature problems with the cable or cable drum
  • Reduction of control cabinet size by more than half
  • Infinitely variable output up to 2,000 watts per lamp
  • Optimal quality control of the curing process at every position of the liner
  • The individual modules of the light chain can be plugged as needed
  • BUS system for continuous data transmission of all curing parameters

Bus technology

  • The BUS system that provides full transparency at all times during the curing process:
  • Internal pressure, IR surface measurement of the liner
  • Ambient air measurement at each radiator
  • Operating status of each individual radiator, current, voltage and system temperature
  • Continuous UV intensity measurement at each individual lamp
  • Varied representation of polymerization parameters / diagrams / temperature curves during operation
  • Permanent quality control
    Remote service for repair or troubleshooting

nUVision compact system

This revolutionary technology is also available in a very compact design with all the features of the large nUVision system, but mobile, lightweight and transportable even in less accessible locations.