The all-rounder for household connection rehabilitation, smaller nominal widths and main sewers up to DN 300

The perfect combination of equipment and consumables

The STARLIGHT UV system, featuring a UV unit, three liner and several resin variants for the rehabilitation of sewers and pipelines from DN 80 to DN 300.


  • 4 different light sources with changeable cable drums:
    • 60 m cable length with 1 x 175 Watt output (nUVision ignition technology)
    • 60 m cable length with 1 or 2 x 300 Watt output (nUVision ignition technology)
    • 100 m cable length with 4 x 400 Watt output (with booster)
  • Electronically monitored curing
  • Non-temperature-critical technology – no temperature-related reduction of the curing speed
  • The current system configuration is automatically detected by the controller
  • 3 liner variants – very good sheet runability – also suitable for dimension changes:
    • STARLIGHT Plus
    • STARLIGHT Stretch
    • STARLIGHT Bendi
  • Various reaction resin types without shrinkage*
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials – no annular gap
  • No installation of a preliner necessary*
  • Compact design, space-saving transportable
  • Integrated Siemens PLC
  • Remote access for maintenance and diagnostics in the standard version
  • Tamper-proof documentation/logging
  • 230 V operating voltage, can be operated at any household socket

* Exception: RayCure VE

Machine technology

  • Modular system structure, easily expandable whenever required
  • Tried and tested UV-Hg lamp technology
  • Best possible rehabilitation result thanks to optimum combination of resin and liner
  • Variable application for the most diverse requirements
  • Continuous monitoring and logging of all curing parameters
  • Can also be used in pipes with bends up to 90°
  • Installation of liners with Ø ≤ 300 mm and lengths up to 100 m possible (booster technology)
  • Sluice for light chain enables liner installation with inversion drum (without pressure drop)

Reactive resins

The STARLIGHT UV system provides various one-component resins.

  • The standard product that reliably covers most applications is the RayCure UA resin based on a urethane-acrylate/methacrylate mixture.
    It is characterized by its good resistance to chemicals and has excellent static values. With the standard recommended use of the UA resin, the liner is installed without gaps (close-fit). In addition, the material used adheres to most pipe materials without any difficulty, even without pretreatment. A preliner must only be used in special cases or when using the VE resin.


  • For further, special applications, the products RayCure VE (installation with preliner), RayCure EP and RayCure PU are available. These products are used in situations where there are special requirements with regard to chemical resistance or heat deformation resistance.

Hose liners

Hose liner made of polyester felt, Polyester nonwoven and knitted polyester fabric with high-quality 250 μm PU coating.

Users have the right material for every application.
Dimension changes are possible with all variants. The seam has been optimized for UV curing.

  • STARLIGHT Stretch