Curing equipment

Curing equipment for highest results

The perfect equipment for the swift and controlled curing of hose liners

We provide a wide range of systems for curing hose liners previously placed in pipes. The curing of the reactive resins can be accelerated considerably by means of various hot water systems or alternatively steam systems. This enables optimum control and monitoring of the curing times – especially during the cold time of the year.

Our proven Power BOXes for the rehabilitation of household connections are very popular with our customers here and abroad due to their easy operation, high performance and small size for the curing of hose liners up to DN 300 – not only for thermoreactive reactive resins.

Power BOX Standard

Suitable for liners up to DN 200

Diesel tank20 l
Dimensions700 x 570 x 800 mm (L x W x H)
Weight120 kg

Power BOX Premium

Suitable for liners up to DN 300

Diesel tank30 l
Dimensions1000 x 680 x 760 mm (L x W x H)
Weight180 kg

Our Power STEAM steam systems in different power levels. On the one hand, the advantage of steam curing is the significantly reduced curing time (only up to 20 % compared to water curing); on the other hand, the simplicity in terms of application.

Dry steam for smaller hose liners: Practical – robust – fast – economical!

Power STEAM 150 with mobile control

The mobile, compact unit in “sack barrow format” can be easily transported to the site in a van and is ideally suited for downpipes/house service lines.

  • Dimensions up to DN 200 and 50 meters long.
  • Steam capacity 150 kg steam/h.
  • Stress-free impregnation of the hose liners using reaction resins with long pot lives.
  • Reduction of the curing time to 1/4 of the time usually required with hot water.
Abmessungen75 x 100 x 170 cm (inkl. Schornstein) (B x T x H)
Gewichtca. 200 kg
Leistung380.000 BTU´s = 111 KW = 150 kg trockener Dampf/h
Dampfdruck10 bar
Tankvolumen38 Liter (mit Tankuhr)
Stromversorgung220 Volt / 50 Hertz
Temperatur-Begrenzer auf max. 200 °C
EnthärtungAuf 25 °dH ausgelegt — obligatorisch

Power STEAM Mini

The compact solution for hose liners – especially for down pipes!

For “kick-starting” curing of hose liners impregnated with cold-curing
epoxy resins, e.g. in downpipes; 10-15 metres of hose liner length are possible with a diameter of DN 100.

The system runs on a 230 volt connection with a capacity of 3.6 KW and produces 5 kg of steam/hour. Steam temperatures of up to 60 °C can be achieved. The compact unit weighs approx. 35 kg and is therefore very easy to transport.