Spot Repair

Quality Made in Germany

Reactive resins and glass complexes for short liners

Easy PUR / Easy PUR plus are available as two- or three-component silicate resin systems and have been specifically designed for short liner applications on damp pipe surfaces. The outstanding impregnation behaviour and the excellent bonding with the old pipe distinguish these elastified silicate resins in addition to their excellent resistance to various media after curing. Specially developed formulations prevent foaming when exposed to moisture and water.

Corrosion-resistant bi-directional glass fiber complexes form the carrier material.

Spot Repair System / Spot Repair System plus

Easy PUR/Easy PUR plus

2- or 3-component reactive plastics based on silicate resin for partial repair work, specifically developed for sewer rehabilitation.

The different product variants enable a high degree of versatility and variability in terms of processing and curing times.

  • Impregnates glass fiber mats (Advantex®) or polyester fleece well
  • Adheres even to damp surfaces
  • Does not foam, not even if water is infiltrated
  • Cures well in thin layers
  • The formwork can be easily removed
  • Excellent physical-chemical properties
  • Is also resistant against aggressive water, acids and alkalis and does not saponify

Available in economical canisters or in practical bottles for smaller quantities.

Glass complexes

Advantex® glass fiber mats, the corrosion-resistant bi-directional glass fibre complex (ECR glass fabric) for partial repair work using short liners

Available in various base weights (1,086 g/m² / 1,368 g/m²) and roll widths (0.35 m to 1.90 m), ideally suited for a variety of applications and pipe dimensions.