Hose liners

Quality Made in Germany

Versatile hose liner based on polyester needle felt

Based on excellent raw materials, I.S.T.’s own liner production at I.S.T. ensures consistently high quality and very fast delivery.


The Easy LINER system is one of the highest quality and most versatile hose liner systems in the household connection sector. Depending on the liner/resin combination used, the following properties can be realized:

  • Bendable to 87° with a virtually wrinkle-free result.
  • Extreme radial expandability, a reduction in nominal diameter or 1-2 dimensional jumps are possible.
  • Available in various wall thicknesses.
  • E-modulus up to 3,200 N/mm².
  • Partly high temperature resistance, depending on type also ideally suited for steam curing.
  • Double and partly also triple stitched seam.
  • Seam sewn, therefore easy and even soaking.
  • Inexpensive and therefore economical to use.
  • Fast delivery times, mostly stock goods, i.e. delivery is usually the next day.
  • Due to 7 different resin systems (5 x cold-curing, 2 x warm-curing by means of warm water or steam), optimally applicable to the respective environmental situation.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals.


ThermoLiner plus

The all-rounder for nominal widths from DN 100 – DN 300, ideal for household connections of all kinds.

Bends of up to 87° and a dimensional leap are no obstacle for the ThermoLiner plus with PU coating. An end wall thickness of 3.5 mm can be expected. The sewn seam design allows for easy and even soaking and inverting.


The welded standard liner for routes with less sharp bends.

The temperature resistance of 80 °C with hot water curing enables economical curing.

ThermoLiner Steam PP

The sewn standard liner for DN 100 – DN 300 sections with less sharp bends.

Its temperature resistance of 100 °C during steam curing allows economic curing using the full advantages of this method – especially during the cold season or when rehabilitating down pipes.

ThermoLiner S

The PU-coated ThermoLiner S is used with a sewn seam design for all standard tasks in the sizes DN 100 – DN 300.

One dimension jump and bends up to 87° can be realized. An end wall thickness of 3.5 to 4.0 mm can be expected.


For the smallest pipe diameters of DN 60 – DN 150 mm, especially for in-house use, the flexible plush knitted hose with soft PU coating is the right choice.

It can be inverted by several narrow bends and can also widen a dimensional leap. It has proven to be the best choice for fall lines.

ThermoLiner Stretch

The fleece construction of this liner enables up to two dimensional steps in the nominal diameter range DN 70 – DN 200.

Its soft PU coating supports the slight inversion. Due to its structure, it has superior longitudinal stability during installation.

Needle felt liner PU/PP

The needled felt liner with PU or PP coating in wall thicknesses of approx. 5.5 to 12 mm is also suitable for larger nominal widths and long, straight stretches when high demands are made on structural strength.

The end wall thicknesses after curing are between 4.5 and 10.5 mm.