Contact person

I.S.T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH (GERMANY)

Graduate engineer

Jörg Vogt

Managing Partner

Graduate engineer

Wilfried Oberkönig

Managing director, business division mechanical engineering

Holm Reisinger

Sales Manager, Authorized Signatory

Tim Nieding

Authorized Signatory, Development and Sales Milling Robots and TOP HAT

Matthias Peppel

Division manager consumables

Monika Schmidt

Finances, Controlling

Graduate engineer

Uwe Schallenkamp

International Sales

Philippe Ritter

Sales France / French-speaking countries

Marcel Schweizer

Sales Germany South

Jendrik Bluhm

Sales Germany North

Alina Sondermann

Service coordination

Kerstin Schmitz

Team Manager Germany / Austria / Switzerland / France

Thomas Hese

Application Technology STARLIGHT

Jerry Richmond

Application Technology Robotics & TOP HAT

Chams Korbi

UV Technology

Volkmar Cyba

Operations Manager

Order Settlement